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Is Crying useful?

Is crying useful? Well, that depends. There are different types of crying. One type is teary/weepiness which is not connected to sadness – which is the emotion that can produce crying. Teariness, is the expression of a hopeless/helpless state that is wanting to be rescued. It is wanting to be noticed and to be taken care of. This type of crying isn’t very useful for someone and will not produce …Read More

Confusion between the results of a defence and feelings

21/06/2018 Sometimes we can mistake what we use as a defence with what we label as a feeling.  If I am working with someone who is always caught in self-doubt. Then they are often left saying they feel confused. Of course, confusion is cognition, it is a thought process not a feeling. They might say they feel confused and I point out that maybe it is your self doubt which …Read More


Confusion between events/experiences and feelings. 20/06/2018 Sadly, our education system doesn’t help with real life and often our parents maybe not be the best example to help create the best life we can. So many of the people I work with struggle to differentiate between an event or experience and a feeling. They tell me an experience where they were let down and I am ask them, ‘So what are …Read More