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My Approach

My Approach

F irstly, I believe it is essential that I am there with you in the most ‘present way’ that I can be. I am not a remote, cold, non-human therapist.  You are not a problem to be solved; you are a human being in need of understanding and encouragement.  All injury occurs in relationship, sometimes through the direct actions of another person and sometimes through the omission of something that we needed at the time. Both of these types of experiences injure us. It is essential in therapy and counselling that you are met by another human being, who is capable of hearing, seeing and understanding you. This affirms your value and supports you in making changes that are in your best interest.

S econdly, I believe that our experiences are held within our body.  They cannot be anywhere else. When we are hurt in some way our body contracts and these hurtful experiences become ‘locked’ within us.  This is why years and decades after something has injured us, people come to therapy and end up sobbing about something that happened 20 or maybe 30 or more years before. The reality is that ‘time doesn’t heal’ it just allows the experience to sink further from consciousness but it is still playing a significant role in our life. So when I work with someone I am interested not just in what they say or think, but how they feel, how they are in their body, what emotion needs to come out so that the person is healed. The emotional and physical release is letting this ‘locked in’ experience be set free from the body.

T hirdly, I believe that everyone can grow and change. While we have breath we can change our life for the better. I acknowledge that it isn’t always easy, but I know it can be done. With a skilled and caring therapist and commitment and courage on your part your life can change and move towards more happiness and contentment.

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