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My Expertise


D epression is a very common psychological symptom amongst all ages in Australian society. Do you feel dragged down, empty, without much hope? Is there little meaning in your life and you feel stuck? Do you want out, had enough, can’t be bothered? If so, you are almost certainly depressed.

Anger Resolution

A nger resolution is essential to stop the cycle of violence and hurt that can be created when someone releases their anger onto others. Resolution is about changing the relationship someone has with the past when they were hurt. Stop the cycle of violence!  

Couples Counselling

T his is when a couple come to counselling together. It is not always that both people are equally committed or even that both are happy to be there. However, it is clearly focussing on the relationship and the aspects of the relationship which don’t work. My role as therapist is not to keep two people together but to help them see each other clearly and to make good decisions about the relationship.

Skype Counselling

S kype counselling is becoming more popular when people want to experience counselling with a particular person who cannot be seen face to face. Sometimes you might be away and want to do a session with me. You might live in another country, have kids to look after, be house bound, prefer to be in your own house.


P sychotherapy is similar to counselling in that a person seeks relief from discomfort in their life. Many of the same symptoms as a person seeks counselling for will be evident when a person seeks psychotherapy.