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Skype Counselling

S kype counselling is becoming more popular when people want to experience counselling with a particular person who cannot be seen face to face.

Sometimes you might be away and want to do a session with me. You might live in another country, have kids to look after, be house bound, prefer to be in your own house.

You might know of me and want to see what I can offer and how counselling on Skype would work for you. My areas of specialization include couples counselling, working with depression, anxiety and stress and somatic therapy.

Maybe I am away and there is an emergency and you need to ‘see’ me on Skype.

These are all possibilities given modern technology and they can work very well.

So how does it work?  Firstly, you need to contact me and we can make a time for the session. Secondly, we swap skype addresses and make sure we are hooked up. Thirdly, you make payment into my account prior to the session.  Then at the allotted time we connect by skype. If we have a problem with the connection then we will reschedule at a convenient time for both of us. However, this is not common.

Skype has proved to be a very effective way of receiving counselling and support.

There is no medicare rebate for these sessions.
The cost is the standard hourly rate for the time of day of the session.  See Fees and rebates section.